November 5, 2016

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Science Expo is the largest student-run non-profit that connects high school students to the STEM community in Canada. We hail from Vancouver to Toronto, with a network of 150 active leaders reaching 120 high schools, representing a student body of over 60,000. Our three key programs: Conference, School Outreach, and Peer Mentorship, add value through transformational processes aimed to inspire, showcase opportunities, and to equip students with beyond-the-classroom learning.


The aim of all of Science Expo's conferences this year is to showcase to students how STEM has TRANSFORMED over the years. This year, BC's Conference, CATALYST, is rooted in identifying what tools, resources, and opportunities are available to launch youth in attaining their own scientific innovations and groundbreaking research, no matter their age! Bring out your inner curiosity and seize this chance and use our CATALYSTS - game-changing speakers, skill-enriching workshops, acclaimed exhibitors - to convert you from a Science Lover to a world-transforming Scientist. Join us on November 5, 2016 at the UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Building and discover where your ideas will take you!

High Profile Speakers

Such as David Chalk, Serial Entrepreneur

Hands-On Learning

Through workshops and design challenges

Networking and Exhibition

Dozens of exhibitors




David Chalk

David Chalk has been a leading expert in the technology and computer industry for over 30 years. He has been the face of Technology in Canada as host of the award-winning Dave Chalk computer show for over 14 years, educating viewers on how to use the newest technologies.

A retail pioneer, David developed the blueprint for the super stores of today when he opened Doppler Computer Superstores in 1980, and developed the first Point of Sale and Supply Chain Management solution for the computer industry in 1985.

In 1997, he founded Chalk Media, a company that employed over 140 staff around North America providing services including real time knowledge based video to Governments, the US military and Corporations.

A serial Entrepreneur, David has launched more than 20 companies in the fields of technology, education, construction, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and retail but it'vs his interest in Business Resilience that has occupied him for the past 10 years.

As the World's expert on Business Autonomics, as well as a technology and business consultant, David continues to help organizations reach higher performance levels, become more resilient, profitable, forward thinking and secure.

Seminar Topic: The Science of You

Just like computers, we humans are designed with the capability of doing amazing things and thinking in amazing ways. However, both computers and humans need to be fed information. Each one of us possesses this brilliant, individual mind, but we must understand the science of retrieving the information inside of us. For instance, we have a need of understanding how to present this potential visually, orally, and tangibly to ourselves. Furthermore, there are specific criteria to finding the perfect mentor, one that you can run your ideas by without cessation or censorship. By overcoming numerous hindrances and uncovering the code to unlocking that inner folder of possibility and opportunity, there are a plethora of personal experiences that will be shared to activate that inner potential of your very own!

Come join us to learn how to unleash your very own potential!


Dr. Nancy Paris

Nancy Paris is the Director of MAKE+ and Product and Process Applied Research Team (PART) at BCIT. Since 1996 Dr. Paris has been responsible for the growth and management of a fifteen-member multi-disciplinary team of researchers that conducts applied R&D in next-generation product design in health technologies, energy, consumer electronics, and industrial products for clients in industry, academia, government and the community.

Dr. Paris has over twenty-five years of experience in developing proposals, grants, and contracts to conduct applied research projects and build applied research infrastructure. An accomplished researcher and product developer, her expertise includes medical and assistive devices and health technology research. For instance, she is an inventor of the PROSTALAC Hip Replacement System.

She is also responsible for the development of a student project support service for bachelor of engineering and technology diploma programs at BCIT. In 2009, Dr. Paris received the Advanced Technology Award from the Applied Science Technologist and Technicians of BC for leadership in the advancement of medical and assistive devices. Engineers Canada bestowed the designation of Fellow upon Dr. Paris in honour of exceptional contributions to the engineering profession in Canada. As well, in 2013 she was awarded the BCIT Employee Excellence Award for Applied Research.

Seminar Topic: From STEM to STEAM! The Power of Multi-Disciplinary Thinking to Solve Problems

This keynote seminar will engage the audience in thinking about the role of multi-disciplinary thinking to solve today's problems. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are critical skills needed to solve today's problems however they are only part of the critical skill set. The best solutions happen when a multi-disciplinary approach is used to solve problems including people trained in non-STEM areas. Unfortunately, few training programs exist to ensure we have the skills needed to work in multi-disciplinary teams and environments however opportunities do exist to learn through practice. Examples of problems solved using multi-disciplinary teams will be discussed in the areas of health (assistive technology and diagnostics), safety (Bones), and communications (Apple). Opportunities to gain experience in multi-disciplinary environments will also be discussed.

Come and learn what the "A" stands for in STE(A)M!


Dr. Mark MacLachlan

Mark MacLachlan received his B.Sc. degree in Honours Chemistry at UBC in 1995. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto (1999), where he worked with Ian Manners and Geoffrey Ozin. After completing a 2-year NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship with Prof. Timothy Swager at M.I.T., he returned to UBC to begin as an Assistant Professor in 2001. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2007 and to Full Professor in 2011. Mark’s research interests span supramolecular chemistry, macrocycle chemistry, nanomaterials, mesoporous materials, photonic structures, and biopolymers. He has received a Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers (2009-2010), an E. W. R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship (2012-2014), the Strem Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry from the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) (2013), the Rutherford Medal of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) (2013), a JSPS Invitational Fellowship for Research in Japan (2013), the Steacie Prize (2014), and the Award for Excellence in Materials Chemistry of the CSC (2015). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and holds the Canada Research Chair in Supramolecular Materials.

Seminar Topic: Bug Shells and Butterfly Wings: New Materials Inspired by Nature

Natural materials, such as spider silk and bone, have wonderfully exquisite structures that span several length scales from molecules to meters. This hierarchical structure gives them remarkable properties, and they are now the inspiration for many materials scientists who are trying to mimic their strength, toughness, and other properties. In our research, we have been producing new materials that are iridescent and have structures that mimic the jewel beetle. In this presentation, I will describe our recent research using cellulose nanocrystals extracted from wood to construct new materials that are iridescent. These new materials can be applied for reflectors, sensors, and the separation of pharmaceuticals..


Actua: Life is a Game

What is the purpose of science, and how far can it take us? We will examine these questions as we explore them with a simpler universe, which follows only 4 basic rules, and observe how they lead to extraordinary results! From theoretical physics, to taxonomy and engineering, all knowledge is meant to make sense of some part of our world, so let's see how they play into Conway's Game of Life, a 2D world of blinking lights.
BC Science Curriculum links: Skills and Processes of Science.


Actua: Dynamics and Design

How many forces do you encounter in a day? How do engineers design around different forces? Forces are everywhere in our day to day lives, but they are also a major consideration for engineering projects. Step into the shoes of an engineer and design your own project to deal with some surprise forces!
BC Science Curriculum links: Mechanical Systems; Motion; Energy; Forces.


SFU Mathematics: Making Hexastix with Math Catchers

Hexastix: The word hexastix refers to a highly symmetrical object that contains four mutually intersecting hexagonal prisms. Building a hexastix is a little engineering exercise that produces a beautiful mathematical sculpture.
The main goal of the Math Catchers Outreach Program is to promote mathematics in general and hands- on and no-fear mathematics in particular among elementary and high school students in British Columbia.


Gallium Academy: Design Thinking in Tech

Description coming soon!


SCWIST: The Scientific Process in Action

Science is not a collection of facts but rather a process. This workshop is a hands-on exploration of how science happens. We reveal the process of science and discover how we build knowledge. This is very different than the linear scientific method often presented in school. At the end of the workshop, participates will have a better understanding of how science happens in all disciplines and the essential components that unify the process.


8:15 Registration
9:00 Welcome/Opening Remarks
9:15 Keynote Speaker - Dr. Nancy Paris
10:05 Workshop Session
11:10 Keynote - Mystery Speaker
12:00 Workshop Session
1:00 Lunch and Exhibition Period
2:20 Keynote Speaker - David Chalk
3:10 Workshop Session
4:10 Coffee Break
4:35 Workshop Session
5:40 Closing Ceremonies
6:00 Conference Ends


Pharmaceutical Sciences Building
Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver





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